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DogSitter Verona

Always together

even when you're not there!


Thank you! We'll answer your request soon 🐾

Not just happy... also gorgeous!

On demand, your friend can enjoy a lot of different professional grooming treatments. Green clay mask for sensitive skin, ozone bath for impeccable hygene, medicated bath, clipping, scissoring, stripping and carding.

About us 🐶

Every dog with his/her character and peculiarities is unique and this is the way we want to take care of them!


Dogs are pack animals. Their social structure is based on close bonds relations with their pack: their family. It's ok to teach our friend to stay home alone for few hours but what happens if the "leader" absence is much longer with no possibility to take care of? Is not just about food and water! Dogs' mind is always moving and social interactions with other dogs, humans and places is a boost to their health and wellness. If you have to leave for quite a long time the solution is to contact someone who can change this possibly stressing moments in funny, playful and comforting ones.

Dogs' wellness isn't our only goal, what motivates us is also the happiness of dog owners that can spend some time on vacations or business trips with no worries.

We're Jacqueline, animal lover since she was a baby, natural diet supporter, and

Michele, registered ACSI dog trainer, who manages group sessions and meeting procedures.

We offer our devotion to your four-legged friend with years of experience, awareness and first aid notions.

To understand and respect the dog means establish a wonderful bond, helping him/her to live your absence like a peaceful moment.

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